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Nodal Nodes of Moon - Rahu and Ketu

Rahu & Ketu are the two imaginary points of intersection formed when the Plane of Moon's Orbit intersects the plane of the Sun's Orbit. But they have major significance in Vedic Astrology. They are considered two to three times powerful than any other planet. Moreover, they are considered as malefic and if they are placed badly in horoscope, they can affect one’s life adversely. Good placement of Rahu as well as Ketu gifted a person with everything.


Male, Always retrograde,
Maternal grandfather (Nana)
Dissolution; love affairs, evil thoughts, liar, illegal cohabitation, harsh speech, defective eyesight, wounds by accidents, obstacles, impediments, electricity, fuel, energy, suspicious nature, stammering
Parts: Those of Saturn
Hiccough, intestinal troubles, leprosy, ulcer, general debility, boils, varicose veins, spleen, gout,
Metal: Iron
Color: Black
Stone: Gomed
Motion: 30° in 1 1/2 years
Aspect: VII th house (opposite house); (V th and IX th houses - considered by some profounder


Destruction; gives salvation, Gyan Karak ( Kku dkjd ), slow working, change of residence, dual marriage, suspicious nature, stammering, jewellery,
Intestinal worms, epidemics, fever, low BP, deafness, stammering, gout, rheumatism
Metal: Steel
Color: Violet
Stone: Cat's Eye
Motion: 30° in 1 1/2 years
Aspect: VII th house (opposite house); (V th and IX th houses - considered by some profounder


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