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New Venture Report

Starting a new venture is not easy job. Lot of planning is done. One needs to have the right motivation, Personal Objectives, Talents and Personality Traits. Research is done and the best possible plan is formed. The market survey and other management tools are used to their best to get to a formidable plan. A large amount of man hours and money is involved.

Even after doing the things in the right manner sometimes the new venture does not click and everything goes down the drain.
You can avoid this by taking the help of the New Venture Report. This report will be one of the most handful tool for the company as by this you can get to know the effects of the planets on the New Venture you are looking to start. By the use of scientific calculations and formation of the horoscopes we can let you know whether this project will be beneficial for the company, what are the things to look out for, when and how the things will shape and also the person who will be good for the project.

In the New venture Report you will get the information on

The kind of venture which will be suitable
The positive and the negative of the planets
The money Flow
The time when the things are to be done.
When the project has to be initiated
Analysis of the chart of the key person/s

Further more other relevant details will be provided depending upon the type off Venture.

You can rest assured that you will get the best analysis which will help you immensely in starting the best profitable venture.

US $ 90 
   INR 3500/-


Other Reports:

Right Person Report: Finalizing the Top Management Group: This is very important for the success of the project. Here the horoscopic analysis tells about the suitability of various persons for specified jobs.

Corporate Muhurat Report: The best time suited for starting of new venture, office, declaration of public issue, starting of new machinery, selling of any kind etc.

Business family Report. The analysis of concerned people in the business family to know what and who will be beneficial to the business and their important roles.

Your information will be kept in total confidentiality and will not be divulged in any circumstance. We can help you to take the right decision and to gain an edge over others.


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Business Family Report

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New Venture, Planning, plan, management tools, horoscopes, key persons, market survey

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