Child horoscope, readings, predictions on future, health, education,
career, strength, weaknesses, growth, remedies, exams, school, college

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 Worrying about Your Child's FUTURE
Leave the worries PLAN the BEST

Child Report
We offer you best of services in astrology with an easy to use web based interface.

This report is specially requested by many concerned parents who want to know about their child's future. In this report, our expert astrologer will give the details about health, education, career etc. This report is also customized as per your requirement. We give special attention on the aspects of life which you requests, therefore what you get is a complete and unaltered preview of your child's horoscope and we assure you total happiness and peace of mind. Our astrologer will give details on strength and weaknesses of the horoscope and thereby help you to discover the potential for development and growth of your child. If the horoscope of your child indicates obstacles or evil effects created by the planets, in that case, we can suggest you instant and effective remedies in solving all kinds of troubles and tensions. And you can be rest assured that these remedies are totally safe and will have a very positive effect on your child's future. We also give answers to specific questions (if asked by you) like

  Will my child fair well in exam?
  Is my child going to be selected in particular school or college?
  Will this particular college or school be good for my child?
  When will the health of my child improve?
  When can my child go to a foreign land?

Know all this and more about life of your child life through the Child Reports. Get a Complete and unaltered review of Horoscope of your child.

Our astrologer will suggest unique Astrological remedies to solve any obstacles in the path of your child. Our astrologer suggests effective Vedic remedies in solving all kinds of troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm to your child.
These remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in anyway to anyone concerned.

This report will provide you
  Your child's natal horoscope
Personal Astrological details
Effects of concerned houses
Effects of respective planets.
Analysis of Divisional Chart
Strengths and Weaknesses
Special comment on your child concern
Dasha table
Dasha Analysis
Yantra recommendations
Recommendations of astrological remedies

This report is prepared manually by our astrologer
after going through the thorough analysis
of the planetary combinations in horoscope.

                                    US $45 / INR 2499/-




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Child horoscope, readings, predictions on future, health, education,
career, strength, weaknesses, growth, remedies, exams, school, college

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