Name: ABC
Date of birth: 1/9/1983 (dd/mm/yyyy Format)
Place of birth: palmerston north, NEW-ZEALAND
Time of birth: 08:00 A.M.

Dear ABC,

Please find our analysis of your horoscope along with your year Predictions with exhaustive comments on almost all the major happenings. We are extremely grateful to you for providing us with this opportunity to analyze your horoscope. The accuracy of our predictions depends on the accuracy of the time of birth given to us by you. Please note that we can only give you guideline to act upon, you have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines. We wish you luck and pray to God that you overcome all obstacles in your life.

Your Year Ahead Predictions

Profession and Finance: Presently, you are running through the main dasha period of Rahu. Rahu is placed in the ninth house along with Moon in your chart. Rahu is an average planet for your professional growth and financial progress. During the main dasha period of Rahu you may have to put extra efforts to swing the results in your favor. During this period you might face a typical test of life, which every one has to take some time or the other. If you know the art of breaking the barriers then the ball will remain in your court. You may notice that the problems are cropping up and leaving you with hardly any option to maneuver satisfactorily. Your illusory perceptions could lead you into mental tension. You have the ability to roar like a lion and to challenge difficulties head on. If you can realize your inner resistance and determination then you will be able to find solutions to all problems. The Antra period of Rahu-Mars-Mars will run till January 2011. This period will remain stable for your profession and finances. There will be openings and you need to make efforts to turn them into opportunities. You should remain alert to your surroundings and situations to find ways to turn minor chances into realistic opportunities. The chart suggests that there will be expenditure too and you need to be conservative in your spending to improve your savings. Your career will make slow but steady progress. If you are ready to make your best efforts then results will also be rewarding. Next antra period of Rahu-Mars-Rahu will run from 30.01.2011 to 29.03.2011. During this period, you will get the mixed results. You may not get the desired results within a desired time frame. Your competitors may give you a tough time. As far as possible, risk-taking tendencies should be curbed totally. Through your continuous hard work, you will able to put yourself in a better place. Good benefits and rise in income will depend on your efforts. A lot of alertness & seriousness will be required if you wish to obtain good results. You should try to think positively and avoid any kind of negative thoughts. There will be times when you may not get the desired results of your efforts but there may also be times when little efforts put in by you might surprise you by their positive outcome. Travel is also possible during the period for professional reasons or otherwise. Next antra period of Rahu-Mars-Jupiter will run from 29.03.2011 to 19.05.2011. During this period your professional life will run in a dull and routine way with no quick spectacular results. The relations with colleagues and associates may remain passive for the time being. You may feel an inner restlessness and a desire for change of working conditions, but this may not be right time for a change. This is a period of improving your skills and not to venture out in new and untested territories. Keep doing hard work with sincerity and results will turn into your favor sooner or later. Next antra period of Rahu-Mars-Saturn will run from 19.05.2011 to 19.07.2011. Again, this period will give you mixed results, however if you are determined to make your best efforts then positive side of the results will be more in evidence. This might be a good time to invest in property or some other such assets. However, make sure that all documents are in order and go through all aspect of the deal carefully and cautiously. You need to keep a check on your aggression while dealing with colleagues or associates to avoid any controversies and the resultant restlessness. Entering into heated arguments will not favor you and putting your point of view with calmness and composure will get you the desired dividends. Sort out any problems or differences with your associates at the earliest, as any delay may widen the gap. Making a visit to holy place during this period will bring mental peace and positive energy for you. Next Antra period of Rahu-Mars-Mercury will run from 19.07.2011 to 11.09.2011. This is a good and promising period for your professional advancement and financial growth. Your career will be moving upwards with either a promotion or better working conditions are possible. You should make best use of this period by being pro active. You will feel confident and energetic and will be willing to take on the challenges head on to fulfill your responsibilities. If you were thinking about a job change or implementing new ideas into your business venture then this period may prove beneficial. Do not hesitate to make efforts to advance your career. A gain in the form of some property may also come your way. You may get some gains through inheritance or gifts etc. Next antra period of Rahu-Mars-Ketu will run from 11.09.2011 to 03.10.2011. This period will give you normal to average results depending on the efforts made by you. Your chart suggests that there may be some issues, domestic or other, which may distract you away from your professional goals. It will be better to remain focused on the job at hand and leave issues that are not related to career at home. This is a time to build a base and not to launch new plans. If you can learn to work under stress to the best of your abilities then there will be no stopping you in achieving your goals. Next antra period of Rahu-Mars-Venus will run from 03.10.2011 to 06.12.2011. This again is a good period. Stars are in a mood to favor you and you need to be well prepared to make best use of this opportunity. All new plans and ideas that you have put on the back burner can be shown light after careful planning. You will feel a swing in your steps and energy to go out and achieve your goals and fulfill your professional dreams. You will get the support and company of friends and well-wishers in your endeavors. However, you need to keep aggression out of your communication and dealings with others. This is a good period and you may get some unexpected gains. Your chart also indicates some travel related to profession or enjoyment. You can plan in this period to make a visit to Sai Baba. You might benefit from such travels. Next antra period of Rahu-Mars-Sun will run from 06.12.2011 onwards. This is a dull period and nothing new or exciting might happen. Your professional life will run in a dull way. This is a period to improve your skills. Develop new contacts and be in touch with your friends, as they may suggest you new idea or guide you to new openings. You should plan in the beginning of the year keeping in mind you strengths to get the best out of this period.

Relationships: You are spirited, but normally place most of the stress on yourself. Your true nature and the ability to bring happiness in the domestic life may get blurred, sometimes, by somewhat perceived aggressive behavior. A good companion may make you achieve what you desire by utilizing your abilities to the maximum. You may try to impress other people with your emotions and feelings in a short span of time. During the period from 22.01.2011 to 24.01.2011, 05.03.2011 to 08.03.2011, 20.04.2011 to 23.04.2011, 06.06.2011 to 10.06.2011 and from 26.07.2011 to 30.07.2011 you are likely to experience an inner restlessness, if not controlled; this may cause unpleasantness, misunderstandings and disharmony in your love life. You will have to be little more romantic and passionate in your outlook as to win heart of opposite sex. You must remember that little differences and arguments can be sorted out by simply listening to each other and finding out problems and sorting them, rather than hanging on to your ego's and apologetic later on. Try to keep your relationship good and last forever. Differences may come in picture during the periods from 11.09.2011 to 14.09.2011, 03.12.2011 to 06.12.2011 and from 21.12.2011 to 22.12.2011.

Health: A good Health is important for all aspects of life whether it is profession or relationships. Your horoscope signifies and promises an average healthy life. You may be a bit worried regarding your health. You may sometimes fall ill. To obtain a good health you should follow a disciplined life style and should also perform exercises regularly. Do not leave your health problems unattended, as this may lead to bigger problems later on in life. Moreover, to minimize the negative influence of planets affecting your health, you may take help of Kesari Nandan Homam, Ketu Puja, Gajanan Homam, Sarvagraha Puja and Nakshatra Puja. You have to be bit careful towards your health during the period from 19.01.2011 to 24.01.2011, 25.02.2011 to 08.03.2011, 13.04.2011 to 23.04.2011 and from 29.05.2011 to 10.06.2011. You should be extra careful of troubles related to mental tensions, viral fever, cough and weakness. You need to prevent mental, emotional and physical effects of stress to enjoy a healthy life. The period from 19.07.2011 to 30.07.2011, 30.09.2011 to 03.10.2011, 24.11.2011 to 06.12.2011 and from 18.12.2011 to 22.12.2011 is not seen well for your health. To avoid mental stress and keep yourself mentally fit you may opt for meditation and yoga.

Child Birth: You may find slight complications in getting conceived but happiness of being a mother will sure arrive at your doorstep. You also need to take help of proper diet, proper guidance of gynecologist and help of Vedic remedies so that you increase the chances to giving the birth to a healthy child. A healthy diet is crucial to a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Proper care and diet can help to correct hormone imbalances that affect your ability to conceive. Though the year 2011 is seen to be weak in regards to child birth but there is a slight favorable period for getting conceived which is seen from February 2011 to May 2011. You can try for getting conceived but along with this; you also need to be very cautious and must remain in touch with a good gynecologist so that preventive measures can be used to keep the pregnancy safe and stable.

Travel: The favorable period for traveling are seen running from 30.01.2011 to 29.03.2011 and from 11.09.2011 to 06.12.2011.

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