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Sun is the driving energy behind every living organism. It is one of the most important heavenly body considered in Astrology. As, Sun gives light and energy to all the planets and decide the luminous effects of other planets. Sun in Astrology has a different effect on different sign of the Zodiac. hence, it depends on the horoscope from person to person depending upon the placement of Sun in it.

As Sun provides energy, it is up to the person to use the energy in positive or a negative way. The Sun sign also decides the rise of the person and its downfall also.
If you know what your Sun sign is, click on any of the signs below for a detailed insight from me into what it all means. We will describe your profile, personality, compatibility, likes, dislikes, suitable colors and much more

If you don't know your sun sign,
just find your sun sign from your birth date and month below:

Aries (21 March To 19 April)
Taurus (20 April To 20 May)
Gemini (21 May To 21 June)
Cancer (22 June To 21 July)
Leo (22 July To 21 August)
Virgo (22 August To 22 September)
Libra (23 September To 22 October)
Scorpio (23 October To 21 November)
Sagittarius (22 November To 21 December)
Capricorn (22 December To 19 January)
Aquarius (20 January To 18 February)
Pisces (19 February To 20 March)

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